07 Sep 2021
Where do RedR trainees go?

RedR Australia trainees have a global footprint.

A recent survey of individuals who completed one or more of RedR Australia’s core training courses between 2010 and 2020 – which include the Essentials of Humanitarian Practice and Hostile Environment Awareness Training courses – found that at least one RedR trainee has responded to every global humanitarian crisis* since 2010.

With RedR Australia’s internationally recognised courses preparing humanitarians to work and stay safe while responding to conflict and crises, trainees have gone on to fulfil more than 600 roles at 216 organisations in 97 countries worldwide.

The survey also found:

  • Almost 1 in 5 roles (18 per cent) were based in Australia, with Afghanistan, Fiji, South Sudan and Vanuatu making up the top five countries where trainees went on to work.
  • UN agencies accounted for the largest number of roles (35 per cent), followed by non-government organisations (32 per cent) and government (13 per cent).
  • 15 per cent of roles were senior leadership positions.

Learn more about the career trajectories of RedR Australia trainees in this infographic.

*Defined by IASC System-Wide Scale-Up Emergency Activations or OCHA Level 3 Emergencies.