Humanitarian Roster
Roster FAQs

Learn more about our recruitment process on the Information on how to join us page.


Yes. Each application is reviewed and assessed based on current and future needs for the RedR Australia Roster and our partners. 

We do however recommend at least five years of experience in your area of expertise and one year in a development / humanitarian context because we want you to succeed and have real opportunities to deploy if / when you join the RedR Australia Roster. 


Yes, RedR Australia is a global roster open to applicants everywhere. We use tele-conferencing systems to assess applicants from around the world. 


If you require further experience working overseas or in emergency settings in order to join RedR Australia's Roster, there are a variety of pathways you can follow.

Volunteering is a great way to enhance your skills and gain experience abroad that will develop your career. There are numerous organisations which offer volunteering opportunities abroad including:

The Australian Aid Resource and Training Guide (AARTG)
United Nations Volunteers
Australian Volunteers International (AVI)