Humanitarian Roster
Why work with us?

RedR Australia members have access to apply for global deployment opportunities to work with RedR Australia and our partners, preparing and responding to crises and conflicts around the world. In addition to deployment opportunities, members also have access to: 

  • early bird training opportunities with RedR Australia and its partners 
  • deployment opportunities between 3 months – 18 months, with the most common deployment duration being 6 months
  • professional network of roster members
  • competitive remuneration packages whilst on deployment
  • accompanied deployment allowances
  • remote or in country deployment options
  • On deployment support, including dedicated team, medical and psychosocial support, insurance coverage, leave benefits
  • Disability Inclusion Mentoring when on deployment
  • Reasonable Accommodations and additional support
  • For further details on what we offer, including information on our Disability Inclusion Support Scheme please click here.

At RedR Australia, we see your membership with us as a long-term relationship and recognise that there are times in our member’s lives that they cannot deploy due to other commitments. We support and celebrate our members and have adapted the way in which we work, to ensure that we are flexible and supportive of our members throughout their career.

Humanitarian and safety training (Essentials of Humanitarian Practice and Hostile Environment Awareness Training) is required to join our roster. Recognition of prior learning or experience is considered in relation to certain deployments, and can be discussed during an interview. We see this as duty of care, as well as reasonable preparation prior to departure. 

Deployment process

1. Partner requests a role and provides Terms of Reference (usually between 3 months – 18 months, with the average deployment being 6 months). RedR Australia assesses role to ensure it fits our mandate and priorities, assess the duty station location security environment, and ensures we have donor funding for the deployment.
2. RedR Australia recruits to the position through proactive search of roster and advertises to roster. Adverts include all details of the deployment e.g. start date, deployment duration, location, role requirements, security level.
3. Applications received - CVs and questions answered from roster members
4. RedR assesses, shortlists and phone interviews candidates for deployment
5. RedR nominates candidates to partner (host organisation)
6. Host organisation conducts fit check call with candidates and then makes selection
7. Pre deployment support and preparations (visa, medical, flights, psychosocial support, briefings and induction)
8. Deployment commences (in country or remotely)
9. Induction from host organisation
10. Connected with other professionals in country/ with same thematic skillset
11. On deployment support from RedR and psychosocial and medical support as required
12. Deployments extends/ends
13. Post deployment review, debrief and support (medical and psychosocial)
14. Roster member takes a break
15. Re-joins roster ready for re-deployment if they would like