Photo: HEAT now includes Tactical First Aid thanks to a new partnership with Real Response. Harjono Djoyobisono, RedR Australia
22 Jun 2018
Tactical First Aid for Humanitarians Through New Real Response Partnership

RedR Australia's HEAT course will now include a Tactical First Aid component, thanks to a new partnership with Australian first aid training organisation Real Response, which provides practical, effective, and realistic first aid courses.

The partnership sees Tactical Emergency Casualty Care (TECC) training provided to humanitarian workers through its implementation in Hostile Environment Awareness Training (HEAT), and soon, in the new Active Armed Assailant Awareness (AAAA) Training.

TECC training involves a combination of theory and practical based emergency medical training, providing participants with the skills and knowledge to manage ballistic, penetrating and blast trauma.

Real Response First Aid Trainer Tim Grey said the partnership will have a positive impact on communities in both Australia and across the globe.

“The Real Response and RedR partnership delivers practical-based training simulating real life operational scenarios,” Tim said.

“This can only provide positive outcomes for communities worldwide.”

TECC training was first integrated with HEAT this February. Real Response trainers, who are professional paramedics, firefighters and critical care nurses with extensive experience in crisis management, deliver this component.

Tim said he was excited to start training RedR Australia training participants to be better equipped to work in crises and emergencies.

“I look forward to future training and teaching humanitarian workers employed across the globe.”