Yirr-Ma by Wagiman artist, Tara-Rose Gonebale.
15 Aug 2023
RedR Australia statement on the voice

RedR Australia strives to work collaboratively with the First Nations peoples of every country where we are placed and acknowledge the continuing expertise as local people holding generations of experience to lean on in emergency preparedness, response, and recovery.

We believe that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples are best placed to shape the solutions that will help their communities to thrive beyond systemic disadvantage and inequity.

As an institution we therefore believe in the principles underpinning the Voice to Parliament that would advise the Australian parliament and government on matters relating to the social, spiritual and economic wellbeing of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.


Yirr-Ma by Wagiman artist, Tara-Rose Gonebale 
Artist statement: “Titled Yirr-Ma, which translates to ‘come together’, this piece depicts the relationship between RedR Australia and other humanitarian organisations around the globe, and how they support the response to disasters and communities in crisis.”