27 Mar 2021
Partnering with RedR Indonesia for local response

A new bilateral agreement between RedR Australia and RedR Indonesia aims to strengthen the strategic capability of RedR Indonesia to become a regional leader in the deployment of technical experts and humanitarians.

The past quarter (Dec 2020 – Feb 2021) of RedR Indonesia and RedR Australia’s joint Strengthening Community Initiative saw strong engagement with local and national government, steady progress toward RedR Indonesia’s accreditation within the RedR International Federation, further integration of organisational and operational inclusivity, and the successful launch of RedR Indonesia’s new website.

This quarter, RedR Indonesia’s delivery of online humanitarian training for volunteer responders was hindered by administrative challenges. This necessitated a shift in course promotion and registration. RedR Indonesia leveraged their existing affiliation with the Ministry of Social Affairs to develop an adapted training program with Humanity & Inclusion. Implementation began in March and is yielding high rates of participation. The project is on track to meet the target of 1,600 volunteers by the end of the month. 

In addition to training, RedR Indonesia is actively submitting applicants to RedR Australia for joint deployment opportunities within the region, as well as interviewing and recruiting roster members to further expand its pool of humanitarian expertise. Now in its final quarter, the project has been recognised for its adaptability to the shifting operating context and filling capacity gaps in local response.

You can read more about this partnership in our Annual Report FY20.