Completion of RedR’s core training courses is a requirement of full membership.
13 Dec 2021
New RedR Roster structure to help strengthen humanitarian talent pool

RedR Australia has updated its Roster structure to help expand the pool of skilled professionals available to respond to evolving global humanitarian need.

The Roster, which includes almost 800 specialists across a range of skill areas including engineering, protection, peacekeeping and stabilisation, disaster risk management and risk reduction, enables RedR Australia to deploy skilled humanitarian support when and where it’s needed most, through 14 United Nations agencies and other partners, including national governments and regional organisations.

Previously Roster membership was open only to those who had completed RedR’s core training courses – Essentials of Humanitarian Practice (EHP) or Hostile Environment Awareness Training (HEAT) – as well as reference and police checks. However, a new two-tier structure enables suitable applicants who have yet to complete the courses to join the Roster as provisional members. These provisional members will be eligible for specified deployments in less challenging settings that do not require completion of EHP and HEAT.

To be eligible for the full range of international deployments, applicants must still obtain full membership, which requires completion of both courses.

RedR Recruitment Operations Manager Matt Tito said the new two-tier structure will open up the Roster to more specialists from diverse backgrounds and provide the depth and breadth of skills the organisation needs to meet humanitarian demand, both now and into the future.

“We recognise there are many candidates with a variety of qualifications and training backgrounds who can add value to our Roster and partners. We want to give those professionals the opportunity to lend their expertise to humanitarian response efforts around the world,” Mr Tito said.

To become a provisional member, professionals need to undertake an application and interview process, which involves:

  • Submitting a RedR Australia Roster online application
  • Participating in a phone interview
  • Completing employment verification checks and policy documents.

From there, to become a full member, professionals will need to complete RedR Australia’s EHP and HEAT courses, followed by a technical interview.

Learn more about joining the RedR Roster: