Abby is IPC Technical Advisor with the PNG Department of Health. Photo: WHO PNG Country Office.
30 Oct 2020
How have we been performing in response to COVID-19? Read our action review report

COVID-19 has disrupted ‘business as usual’ for RedR Australia deployees, partners and staff, exposing new challenges and opening up new ways of working. As part of our commitment to constant monitoring and evaluation, we have undertaken an extensive review of our collective response to COVID-19, examining the extent to which this response has been safe, effective, efficient and timely.

Key findings indicate a people-centred response, placing duty of care front and centre for all of RedR Australia's people located within Australia and across the world. This response has enhanced organisational resilience, data-driven decision-making and remote mechanisms to deliver on our mission. 

We are proud to deliver a continued response that demonstrates flexibility and agility in line with our organisational values and humanitarian principles at our core.

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