Humanitarian Roster
Deployment Process

RedR Australia deploys experts from its humanitarian roster for assignments with UN agencies as well as a number of government, regional and civil society organisations. Deployments are generally for a duration of three to six months.

Our people are our most important asset. RedR Australia’s approach to deployments is a personal one where deployees are prepared and supported, enabling them to do the best work possible. The care and welfare of our deployees is our highest priority.

The deployment process involves:

1. Request for Humanitarian Assistance

  • A Standby Partner request for personnel is sent to RedR Australia:
    • Does it fit our mandate and priorities?
    • Is the location secure?
    • Do we have available personnel?
  • We email an overview of the opportunity to personnel on our Roster, including the start date, length of deployment, and terms of reference.
  • Interested personnel respond.
  • RedR Australia puts forward a shortlist of suitable candidates to the requesting agency who make the final decision.

2. Pre-Deployment

For the selected RedR Australia candidate, we provide the following:

  • Visa assistance
  • Travel, medical checks, insurance, and access to psycho-social support
  • Salary, living allowance, superannuation
  • Pre-departure briefing
  • In-country arrival briefing

Deployment arrangements may vary depending on your personal situation. Your deployment officer will be in contact with you before your deployment.

3. Deployment

  • While on assignment, the deployee works directly with the relief agency.
  • The deployee reports to RedR Australia on progress of the assignment, challenges, humanitarian situation, living conditions, security, and their personal wellbeing. This allows RedR Australia to monitor the situation closely and provide professional, welfare, and HR support. 

4. Post-Deployment

  • The deployee provides RedR Australia with a final report.
  • The host agency provides a deployment evaluation to RedR Australia.
  • A post-deployment debrief is completed with the deployee.
  • The deployee has medical and psychological appointments.
  • Discussion on future availability and training.
  • Reconciliation of finances.