Humanitarian Roster
Prerequisites & Screening

Our roster is open to Australian and international applicants. We value and celebrate diversity and welcome applications from indigenous Australians and people from the Asia Pacific.


The Recruitment Process

  1. Online application and submission of resume.
  2. Suitable candidates will be contacted for a telephone interview.
  3. RedR Australia will organise reference checks.
  4. Suitable applicants are required to attend RedR Australia’s two mandatory training courses: Essentials of Humanitarian Practice and Hostile Environment and Awareness Training (HEAT). Please view the Training Calendar to identify course dates before you apply.
  5. A final face-to-face interview will be organised in Melbourne after attending our mandatory training courses.
  6. Successful applicants will be asked to submit final documentation to secure their place on the RedR Roster.

We will keep you informed throughout each step of the process.

If you are unsuccessful this time, you will be notified and provided with recommended pathways to develop the further skills required.
The prerequisite for joining the RedR Australia Roster is a minimum of:
Five years’ professional experience in your given field.
A minimum 12 months in an international development/emergency setting.


Highlighting Your Key Skill Areas

Whether you are new to the sector or an experienced humanitarian, it’s important to highlight your key skills, their relevance to RedR Australia and the work we do on behalf of our partners. You might like to review the Skills Profiles we keep on our Roster.
Your curriculum vitae (CV) needs to accurately reflect your experience. Please prepare your CV using a clear, professional format that presents your skills and experience in an easily accessible manner - (we recommend the proforma CV template )